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The Health Insurance Toolkit is a site that will help you to locate and analyze health insurance plans from several medical insurance carriers. Are you Self-Employed, children's health insurance, a college student looking for affordable medical insurance, or do you buy your own Health or medical insurance for you and your family? We can help you search for quality health insurance. The Analyzer in the Products page can help you decide on the right deductible for you.  Don't overpay for your plan.  Deciding on the right one for you is not hard, just know what you are buying. Read our Special Report to find our ways to save money and gain control.

If you need Dental Coverage, we have several companies and plans from which to choose.

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Are you planning to travel outside of the USA? You may want Travel Insurance to cover those unexpected emergencies that could ruin an otherwise memorable trip.

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Crisis or Wake-up Call?

Few can disagree to the fact that health insurance has become a major financial burden on family budgets.  It is not unusual for the monthly premium to approach the same amount as a modest house payment.  And, many people pay more for their family’s health insurance than the monthly payment on their family automobile.  How much and how often in the past several years has your insurance increased?  If you have been experiencing 15% annual increases, every 5 years your insurance premium will double, a $200 premium becomes $400. But, in 10 years your premium will be four times what you started with, a $200 premium becomes $800.  How long are you willing to not take control over your money?  Many families have considered dropping out of the health insurance system, however, a one week stay in the hospital could cost $20,000 or more, bankrupting the family.  A better understanding of ways of paying for health care will give you more control and potentially greater savings for your family. You should consider developing a long term strategy to plan for when you need coverage, take advantage of cost savings while you can, and be prepared for when you have major expenses, if ever.  

With the high cost of health insurance, you might think that we would spend more time understanding our policies and options. The unfortunate truth is that more people understand how to work their DVD or VCR than understand their health insurance plan.

This report will help you begin the process of understanding health insurance, options that you may have, and concepts to consider to gain control of the financing of your health care costs.  For those that do not want to learn new ideas that may help you save hundreds or even thousands of  dollars on your health insurance, this report is not for you. Just continue to pay your monthly premium and go on with your life.  If you are willing to put a little effort into study and research, this report will help you begin that quest.



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