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Should you buy a $2,000 deductible or a $500 deductible?  To make sure you are getting the best deal for your money you can use the Health Insurance Analyzer. You may want to get Free Health Insurance Quotes before you run the Analyzer.

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1) Insert in Column A 'Base Deductible' the lowest deductible you are considering. Insert in Column A 'Premium' the premium for that deductible.

2) Insert in Column B 'Option 1' the higher deductible that you are considering. Insert in Column B 'Premium' the premium for that deductible.




3) Some policies have multiple deductibles in a family plan such as 1, 2 or 3.  Enter the Number of Deductibles in your policy.

4) The formula will compare the Annual Premium Savings to the difference in the two deductibles you are considering.  If you have a greater savings in one year of premium compared to the increase in your deductible, you are saving more money without putting yourself at more risk.  The Potential Savings will then be GREEN.  However, if the Potential Savings shows RED, you are potentially increasing your risk because you are not saving as much in premium as you are increasing your deductible. USE CAUTION!

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